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The UM2 UtilityMaster, shown here, provides an indirect primary interface to a heat network for up to 30kW load, and is designed to work in partnership with a hot water cylinder for DHW. The UM2 is fitted with two separately metered water supplies for drinking water and CWS. At only 590 x 390 x 165mm the unit is very compact, and lightweight, using a moulded EPP casing for insulation and structural strength, and voids within the casing are filled with further removable moulded insulation.

To manage utility supply the UM2 is fitted with:

  • 2 x cold water meters with pulsed output
  • Heat meter with M-Bus and 2 x pulse counters (for cold meters)
  • Pressure independent control valve for up to 1.7m3/h fitted with thermo-electric actuator
  • M-Bus relay for remote closure of control valve (prepay billing)
  • Steel outer cladding with security bolts to the wall and cutouts for heat meter and water meter displays

Equipment fitted inside the UtilityMaster range is limited to the provision of heat and cold water, and as such it does not include the internal heating or DHW controls. These are left to the installer, and can be maintained separately without the need to access the UtilityMaster, or break any security seals.


  1. Network Primary Flow Connection 3/4"
  2. Network Primary Return Connection 3/4"
  3. Cold Water Services Supply 3/4"
  4. Drinking Water Services Supply 3/4"
  5. Cold Water Services Feed 3/4"
  6. Drinking Water Services Feed 3/4"
  7. Internal Primary Return 3/4"
  8. Internal Primary Flow 3/4"
  9. Plate Heat Exchanger
  10. AB-QM DN25 Pressure Independent Control Valve
  11. TWA-Z Actuator
  12. Test Points
  13. Cold Water Meter
  14. Drinking Water Meter
  15. Spare sensor point
  16. Heat Meter
  17. M-Bus Relay
  18. DIN Rail Wiring
  19. Spare sensor point on network primary return
  20. Spare external sensor point / drain point on network primary
  21. Spare sensor point on internal primary flow
  22. EPP Casing

System Layout