Remote backup on HIUs

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First we offer the old school on site backup if there are any issues.

The most efficient route is for us to also provide you with a number of Monitoring Kits, that can be plugged into an HIU and connect it to our online systems so we can remote diagnose – not only the HIU buy also the network (where problems originate 99% of the time).

Please have a look at the online system we use for this at… All the HIUs on this are real (i.e. its not a demo site). Feel free to play with it – you need codes to upload settings so you can’t do any damage.

The requirement for this is an internet connection, and this comes in three forms:

  1. A hard-wired Ethernet connection – best for long term permanent installation
  2. WiFi – also good for long term but requires WiFi to be in range. WiFi can be provided as part of site infrastructure or temporarily using a mobile GSM router.
  3. Mobile Phone WiFi Hotspot – this is what we use for engineers. The monitoring kit is programmed with the engineers WiFi details, so on site the engineer can simply turn on their hotspot, plug in the kit to the HIU, and it all comes live. Only works while mobile is in range so this is more for backing up engineers than for monitoring over a few days. It does however allow the office to see everything that’s happening live and to remote reprogram the system. So for example, you have an issue with hot water somewhere. The installer plugs in the monitoring and goes to the web site on his phone where he can see what’s happening and check the network temperatures and pressures. He can also call us and we can assist.

If any technical faults show up on HIUs – that cannot be simply overcome by adjusting settings (i.e. a genuine fault) – then we dispatch an engineer to service the faulty component.

The typical kit for temporary use is a ‘Zero Monitoring Kit’ as per We can supply a few of these FOC – a typical price for kits would be £95

If client does not want system appearing on our public dashboard system, we can provide alternative private version, or setup a free online version for them. If they want to go the whole hog and have HIUs firing data long term to a private system then we would discuss options such as supplying a Raspberry Pi that sits at clients HQ and does the same services FOC. See the desktop pack at

Our advice would be as follows:

  • Provide installers with a few mobile kits so they can pull us into any fault finding easily
  • Fit a semi-permanent monitoring kit on the index property – furthest from plantroom – so ongoing performance of network can be monitored during commissioning and hand-over stages. If Ethernet/WiFi is not available would suggest you get a mobile GSM unit.

We do not provide this ourselves as it requires a SIM card contract.