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Heatweb is based on a Freemium model, with the core functionality completely open source and free to use, but with additional charges for further functionality or services. Please see our Heatweb Platform Tariff page for prices.

Each of our NODE devices comes preinstalled with 12 months of SIM data and unless otherwise stated the NODE data will be available free of charge via our shared MQTT Server, and subscription details will be provided along with a user name and password. At the end of the 12 Months the SIM data will revert to monthly billing.

You can upgrade your Heatweb Platform Service at any time, and the monthly tariff for Tier's 1, 2 or 3 will be billed in addition to your monthly SIM charges.

Free Tier

  • Unhindered access to use of node-red-contrib-heatweb set of Node-RED nodes (available to anyone without informing us) to allow Heatweb to be run on PCs or Linux machines like the raspberry Pi.
  • An MQTT network topic on our shared server is provided, isolating traffic from other users. Password and username provided upon application.
  • A 30 minute remote training session will be provided upon request if help is required setting things up.

With the free tier, software is run on the users machine, connecting to the Heatweb servers for basic functions and dictionary downloads. The client is in full control of the data, sending it to the Heatweb servers, using local MQTT services (installing Mosquitton on Linux) or using a 3rd party MQTT service (including one of the many free servers available for testing purposes).

For clients who have the ability to set-up the software on their own computer, there is no charge, however if you wish for one of our experts to set-up your system for you, we can offer an optional one-off set-up consultation.


Tier 1

  • Everything from free tier
  • Dedicated virtual machine within Heatweb cluster running node-red-contrib-heatweb on Node-RED
  • SSL Certificates
  • Basic User Management
  • 8GB storage (for software and user data)

One year minimum contract term with setup costs included.


Tier 2

As per Tier 1 plus:

  • Exposure of Node-RED back end, and 1 hours training on its use
  • Setup and management of alarm routing system
  • MQTT user management for use with sub-clients


Tier 3

  • Full system installed onto customer's virtual machine or computer hardware
  • Setup to include any/all features provided in other tiers
  • Free telephone support
  • Charges applied on an hour or day rate for additional services provided